Zurich: a scorpion invites itself in its luggage

You can bring back memories of your holidays in Morocco, but what is certain is that this woman will remember for a long time what she found in her luggage. Back home in Zurich a few days ago, she was shocked to discover a scorpion.

She quickly reacted by dialing 117 and the Operations Center called a reptile specialist, according to a statement from the Zurich municipal police, published on his Facebook page. This specialist was initially able to tell this lady to place the luggage in the bathtub and to close the drain so that the scorpion, if it came out of the suitcase, could not go into the pipes. Impossible, however, for him to climb the smooth walls of the bathtub.

Once there, the expert was able to catch the creature with long tweezers. The specialist was able to return home with a new pet, this scorpion of the genus androctonus, is very poisonous.

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