Your friend who has a Tesla could soon become even more annoying

Disappeared for more than a year, the sponsorship program is back in a new version tested in China.

A pillar of Tesla’s business strategy for years, sponsorship or word-of-mouth promotion has fallen out of favor in recent months. Suspended for a little over a year, it is now back in a new formula which will be tested in China. Indeed, the United States and Europe do not benefit (or not yet) from this return to favor of sponsorship, but insofar as Tesla has the habit of harmonizing its practices throughout the world, the current owners Model 3s and other Model Ys have every reason to stay tuned.

To understand the interest of sponsorship, you have to go back a few years when the Californian manufacturer was not the first seller of electric vehicles in the world. In the absence of an advertising department or marketing division, Tesla preferred to rely on the good word preached by its network of owners. The latter were invited to sponsor acquaintances, which could guarantee a bonus (most often recharge kilometers to Superchargers) to both parties. Note also that in the heyday of sponsorship, it was not limited in number of godchildren, and could in some cases, very publicized, give rise to disproportionate rewards like… a new Tesla.

No Tesla to win

Of course, there is nothing like it in the new co-optation program designed by Elon Musk’s salespeople. The new sponsorship formula unveiled by CNEVPOST draws the outlines of a much less attractive offer, but above all very random. Indeed, to be eligible for a potential gain, you must have no less than 20 sponsorships to your credit. From then on, the owner, who will have done a good job as a Tesla salesman, will be able to participate in… a lottery. Only if luck rewards his talent as a salesman will he be entitled to the Holy Grail, which according to Tesla China is equivalent to “a visit to the Gigafactory in Shanghai, 50,000 km of free Supercharging, a voucher Tesla merchandise and 12 months rental of a Tesla Model 3 or Model Y Propulsion”.

Why this reversal of strategy and why now? Tesla has always indicated that the discontinuation of the program was temporary and that it should give rise to new adaptations. That is. But at a time when the price of kWh is increasing, how to explain that it is suddenly back? Some gossips could insinuate that the hasty return of sponsorship, in China in particular, would be due to lower than expected sales figures. Moreover, Tesla has just lowered the prices of its Model 3 and Model Y there by 5% and 9%. However, this slowdown also concerns Europe, France in the lead, where since the general increase in the brand’s prices, sales have stalled. An obvious sign of this new situation: there are now many Teslas in stock, even Model Ys, whereas at the start of the year, it was necessary to wait several months before hoping to be delivered.

Tesla’s sales figures and track record of harmonizing its offering point to a return of the referral program in France. While waiting for its formalization, you can always try to guess what there will be to win.

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