you’ll soon be able to make video calls in Tesla cars

Zoom recently made an announcement that may be of interest to Tesla customers using its video conferencing service. Indeed, during the Zoomtopia 2022 event, held on November 8, Zoom Group Product Manager Natasha Walia announced that the app will soon be available in Tesla vehicles.

In other words, Tesla drivers and owners will be able to directly initiate or participate in video and audio calls without using their PCs, smartphones or tablets. Natasha Walia has also made a brief video demonstration of the operation of the application embedded in a Tesla Model Y.

Tesla Model Y

How will Zoom work inside Tesla?

According to The Verge, the app will likely use Tesla’s cabin camera, which is located above the center rearview mirror. Note that this camera had raised many questions relating to the confidentiality of the driver.

As a reminder, the main function of this cabin camera is to monitor the driver’s attention when the autopilot is activated. In the event of problems, the vehicle alerts the driver by emitting audible warnings, for example. If the Tesla owner is using Zoom, then they’ll see exactly what that camera sees and can use that as their live feed.

Many questions remain unanswered

Despite Zoom’s announcement, several details are still unknown. For example, it is unknown when the application will be available. We just know that she will be present on “ all new Tesla models “. Separately, neither Zoom nor Tesla have said whether the app will work over WiFi or whether Tesla owners who subscribe to the Premium Connectivity Add-on will be able to use the car’s data plan to connect to the app.

In any case, The Verge noticed that during the demonstration, the vehicle was stationary. This could mean that Zoom calls can only be made once the car is parked. Still, coming back to privacy, Tesla customers may have questions about the access permissions granted by the automaker to third-party apps. Case to follow.



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