“Would you save your dog or a baby?” : Guillaume Genton’s response in TPMP shocks the set and the public

TPMP : Guillaume Genton shocks columnists during a debate on the euthanasia of a dog

It is a very lively debate that has taken place in TPMP on C8, September 7, 2022. An 18-month-old girl was recently bitten in the face by a dog, in Nord-Pas-de-Calais. According to the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service, this baby was attacked by a “uncategorized american wolfhound” which belongs to the family of the child. Cyril Hanouna therefore asked the columnists to Do not touch My TV : “Should the animal be euthanized?”.

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Virtually all the columnists of TPMP responded “yes”, such as Matthieu Delormeau, Benjamin Castaldi, Géraldine Maillet and Valérie Benaïm. Only Guillaume Genton, Gilles Verdez and Delphine Wespiser responded “Nope”. And Guillaume Genton, who clashed with influencers a few days ago, said about the debate: “I’m tired of seeing dogs as subspecies, even objects that we throw in the trash and kill as soon as there is a problem. Dogs are living beings with “a sensibility, who have the right to live. There are other ways to put them out of harm’s way than to kill them immediately”.

“At that time, a human who attacks another must be killed immediately?”

The columnist who allegedly had a fight off with Benjamin Castaldi added: “Why don’t we do that with humans? At that point, a human who attacks another, should we kill him immediately?”. “When you adopt a dog, it’s to love it, and take care of it no matter what and not kill it as soon as there is a problem” he specified.

Cyril Hanouna then asked him: “Let’s imagine you’re in a fire, would you save your dog or a baby you don’t know?”. I choose my dog replied Guillaume Genton, before being booed by the public. And several columnists like Benjamin Castaldi, Matthieu Delormeau and Géraldine Maillet fell on him, shocked by his response.

A debate that continued on Twitter, where, again, opinions seem very divided:

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