Woman Reveals How Her Cat Saved Her Life By Detecting Her Cancer

Kate King-Scribbins, a 35-year-old resident of St Paul, Minnesota (USA), was sadly diagnosed with cancer, but was impressed with her cat’s behavior. Before doctors broke the bad news to Kate, her cat, Oggy, kept wanting to lay on her side left of his chest.

At the time, Kate didn’t understand why Oggy insisted on staying there, but after knowing all the facts, she came to a conclusion. Despite the woman’s attempts to put him somewhere else, Oggy was still lying on his chest, and he was determined to stay there.

Woman reveals her cat detected her cancer


The affectionate cat always cuddled up in Kate’s arms, but when he started laying aggressively on her chest, it got a little strange.

Kate told the Daily Mail:

“He focused on my chest area and specifically on my left side for months before I even knew what was going on myself. »

However, the animal lover thought it was just a passing whim of her pet and didn’t pay much attention to it. But when she felt a lump in her chest and was diagnosed with the disease, she realized that Oggy was trying to tell her something.

Kate woke up with a stabbing pain in her chest and felt a strange lump, so she went to the doctor. After several tests, the medical specialists diagnosed her with stage 3 breast cancer, so they began heavy treatment.


Kate commented:

“I watch the changes in his behavior towards me before my cancer diagnosis and I really believe he was trying to alert me to the dangers that were building up in my body. »

The woman insisted on continuing to analyze Oggy’s behavior throughout the medical treatment, and the cat continued to act the same way.

Kate added:

“It wasn’t until I had surgery, and the cancer was finally removed, that it stopped concentrating on my chest. »

After several rounds of chemotherapy, multiple surgeries and radiation, Kate is considered to have no trace of the disease in her body. The news made his family happy, especially Oggy, who had been trying to warn him for some time, but his quick-wittedness helped.

Kate, who saved Oggy when she was 20, accepts that some people don’t believe what she says, but she knows many will. Above all, people who have managed to create a very special bond with their pet know precisely what she is talking about.


Kate said:

“I know that if he ever starts focusing on another part of my body, I’ll go to the doctor right away. »

She claims that if animals could talk, her cat Oggy would have told her in his own words what was going on and she would have listened. Most importantly, she was able to overcome this terrible disease and her cat helped her fight it. at the right time.

Kate has recently returned to her job as a healthcare fraud investigator and is enjoying life with her husband and pets. She says her two cats and two dogs have been a great therapeutic aid in her battle with cancer.

Although she has been through many health challenges, her pets have always been by her side to help her through it.

Kate commented:

“I feel pretty good today, the surgeries were important, but I’m starting to feel like myself again. »


Kate underwent a double mastectomy, reconstruction and also had her stomach removed in 2019 (total gastrectomy)after her doctors discovered that she carried a very rare genetic mutation (CDH1) that causes both lobular breast cancer and hereditary diffuse gastric cancer.

She also recently had to have her gallbladder removed, due to the creation of stones as a side effect of the gastrectomy. There is no doubt that Karte is a strong woman, ready to fight any obstacle that comes her way, but she has the advantage that her cat Oggy and his family will be there to help her.

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