will the town hall say stop?

“We ask ourselves the question. Without detour, the mayor of Romenay, Pascal Debost, concedes: yes, the municipality plans to regain control of the former hotel-restaurants Le Moderne and Le Lion d’Or. And therefore to put an end to the project led by the entrepreneur Corinne Ray, who wants to combine the two buildings to make a luxury hotel-restaurant.

The return of the right of first refusal

If the town hall is “resting the question”, it is because it is being given a new opportunity to reshuffle the cards: a real estate transaction orchestrated by Corinne Ray. The latter indeed created, last month, the SARL Agathe to exploit the goodwill of its future hotel-restaurant. The new structure has just bought Le Moderne (which Corinne Ray already owned) and Le Lion d’Or (bought by Marcel Sixt, a friend of the entrepreneur involved with her in the project). An “internal” and institutional maneuver led by Corinne Ray in order to be able to claim…

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