Will Gard chef Maxime Chenet be crowned Meilleur Ouvrier de France like his father in 1993?

At 37, the chef of the restaurant “Entre Vigne et Garrigue”, in Pujaut, could win this prestigious title like his father in 1993. Two MOFs who wore the famous jacket with the tricolor collar in the same family, it did not never seen before.

Pujaul chef Maxime Chenet has just won his ticket for the 2022 final of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) competition which will take place in Grenoble on November 16 and 17. Excellence is the key word of this competition which awards the title of MOF, recognizable by the red white blue collar of the one who holds it.

150 chefs selected out of 450

Maxime is one of the 150 chefs selected out of 450 for the semi-final, played in 9 regional centers. For him, it was Thonon-les-bains. The titles of the two dishes, to be made in 4 hours, and their full description were communicated a few days before: “scandinavian smoked sweet herring fillets” and “a double rib of black pork from Bigorre marinated in Thai spices”. “As soon as we have the subject, we look for the specific equipment, the foodstuffs and the ingredients from the suppliers. There are very few free interpretations. The technique represents 40% and 60% the taste which remains the main criterion” ..

Three dishes to make in five hours

“There are lots of different ways to get there on the same subject. You have to work according to the rules of the art, under the watchful eye of the members of the jury who are also in the kitchen” explains Maxim. They will be 30 in the final with three dishes on the menu to be made in five hours, to the minute. The theme will be revealed on October 29.

Like a top athlete, you have to practice constantly to achieve perfection. The environment contributes. In particular his father Serge who has known all the states that surround a final.

In 1993, he left Strasbourg with a jacket with a tricolor collar. To their knowledge, it would be the first time in the history of the prestigious pageant that a son would be crowned after his father.

Maxime remains serene and always modest: “I want to get there, I’m doing it for me. What makes me dream is the level. I’ve never worked to crush others, I’d rather be among the best than be the best! It’s a lot of work, I’m going to give everything and we’re going to do everything to get there.”

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