Wild boar hunting video in Corsica: 5 beautiful shooting scenes

A great hunting team in Corsica!

Let’s go to South Corsica to Bastelica to be precise for a wild boar hunt. The landscape is typical of Corsica. Small mountains, thick maquis. Our hunter equipped with his Go Pro is posted on the edge of well-stocked bushes. The dogs push and he prepares to shoot. The boar is at the farm and is stroking the dogs. But finally he ends up getting out, a good spell and he is hit by both bullets and does not go any further. Another day afterwards with Fred on camera, the landscape is still mountainous but the vegetation is more sparse.

A boar comes quite far from Fred who shoots it anyway and magnifying it. Another shows the tip of his nose while trotting. One bullet is enough! Another day of hunting still with Fred. The landscape does not really change but there the dogs give voice and it pulls around. The boars seek to escape despite the difficult terrain. But the shooters are good and used to these very difficult shooting conditions. When we see the end image with the painting of 8 animals on the mat, we can only congratulate them.

YouTube video

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