Why the birth of two red pandas is good news

They don’t just string beads while eating bamboo, the red pandas of Lille zoo. Obviously, they found a much more fun occupation than scrolling on TikTok to spice up their evenings, so much so that, in July, the couple gave birth to two babies, we learned on Thursday.

Barely a year and a half after meeting for the first time, Mambo and Ruaridh have doubled the population of red pandas in the zoological park of Lille. Mrs. panda, Mambo, gave birth on July 17 to two little ailurus fulgens. These are not the first names of the babies but the name of their species.

A species in danger of extinction

Everyone is doing wonderfully, even if it is still impossible to see the babies evolving in the enclosure, too busy that they are squatting in the family nest. This does not prevent their keepers from closely monitoring the young, a male and a female.

In addition to the fact that it is customary to rejoice at such an event, the news of this birth is all the more precious as red pandas are in danger of extinction. In the Himalayas and south-west China, regions of origin of this species, the number of red pandas is shrinking visibly, victims in particular of poaching. It would remain less than 10,000 in freedom to date.

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