Why is this Tesla driver robbing a young skateboarder?

Some Americans are definitely trigger-happy.

The relationship with firearms is not the same in the United States as it is here. And the video below illustrates it perfectly even if it’s hard to understand what exactly is going on. Filmed by a third party with his phone, it shows a very young skater who launches himself into the banister of a staircase to perform a few tricks.

Ahead, a Tesla Model Y is parked and its owner is standing next to it. When the latter sees the teenager approaching his electric SUV, he strangely pulls out a gun and aims it. Did he think the young skater was going to attack him or attack his SUV?

An ongoing investigation

Following the broadcast of the video, an investigation is underway to find the man with the gun. The scene took place in Arizona where it is strictly forbidden to point your gun at someone, except in self-defense.

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