Why is my dog ​​scratching the ground?

Regardless of your pet’s breed, a dog scratching a surface is a common behavior. Why does a dog scratch the ground? What are the commonly accepted reasons for this behavior?

Scratching the ground is most often a harmless reaction in dogs, but in certain circumstances it reflects a negative emotion, such as anxiety. How should you react?

My dog ​​scratches the ground

In a private or public outdoor space, your pet scratches dirt on the ground for different reasons. He could very well have smelled a smell that challenges him, or he wishes to leave a trace of his passage for other congeners. For your pet, scratching dirt can also mean that he is burying an object, or that he simply wants to exert himself.

During a heat wave, a dog scratching the ground can indicate that he is looking for coolness. After doing its business, it can scratch the ground with its hind legs. In this case, it marks its territory. If he is at home, his behavior is a deterrent to keep away any intruders, whether it is another dog, domestic or even wild animals.

My dog ​​scratches the floor of the house

A dog scratching the ground in an outdoor environment is relatively harmless. On the other hand, this behavior is a concern in your home, regardless of the surface, such as tiles or parquet. Your pet most often expresses boredom, even frustration. In any case, he should not be punished or prevented from reacting in this way.

Observe his reaction and act accordingly. A sign of anxiety or ill-being can mean that he can’t stand loneliness, or that he has no activity. Based on the frequency of his attitude, his condition indicates advanced stress. The most effective way for your dog to stop scratching the ground is to offer him more walks and activities to share moments of complicity. If necessary, you can call on a canine behaviorist.

My dog ​​scratches his basket

Your dog can also scratch his basket. This means that he settles into his environment and makes himself comfortable, especially when falling asleep. It may possibly spin before bedtime. It is an animal instinct to make sure there is no danger. In addition to his comfort, he adopts this behavior in order to feel a sense of security during his periods of sleep.

As with some circumstances where your dog scratches the ground, he can also mark his territory. Your pet leaves an olfactory signature. This reaction is recurrent for dogs with a possessive temperament. Scratching his basket or his blanket can also mean that the animal tries to regulate the temperature of his space, for more heat in winter, and more freshness in summer.


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