why have the prices of minced steaks soared?



Food: why have the prices of minced steaks soared?

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A.Girault-Carlier, P.-L.Monnier P.Aubert B.Bervas – France 2

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Inflation continues with spectacular increases, especially for minced steaks, the prices of which have sometimes jumped up to 30% in one year. How to explain it? Are these dizzying increases justified?

In the fresh section, the price of minced steaks has increased by 26% in one year and by 30% in frozen foods according to the beef sector. Figures much stronger than inflation which discourage buyers. But why are the prices soaring so much? In one year, the price of cattle feed for Alice Avisse, a farmer from Hauts-de-France, has soared by 20%. “Cereals having increased significantly due to the crisis in Ukraine, this has a direct impact on animal feed”, she explains.

Other rising and necessary expenses for the farmer justify this price increase. The breeder thus passes on 20% of her cost increases and sells her more expensive cows. But such an outbreak is still not justified according to her. Manufacturers also inflate prices. “As the overall red meat business is down, eventually they’re catching up on this one that’s up.“, according to Pascale Hebel, associate director C-Ways, consumer specialist. A dangerous technique that can lead the French to turn to other meats.

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