why Elon Musk wants to fire everyone?

Elon Musk recently told potential investors his plan to retire 75% of Twitter staff. This program is carried out in particular within the framework of his agreement to take over the company.

The future director plans to fire 75% of Twitter employees

It is through a report of washington post we got the news. According to it, job cuts are expected soon in Twitter regardless of who owns the company. Yet, as part of an agreement that he will once again become the top of the social network, Elon Musk has officially announced his plans to fire 75% of staff. In addition, the drama of its acquisition has already led to several resignations.

Twitter’s human resources department tried to appease by stating that there are no plans for mass layoffs. Gold, documents have proven otherwise. According to these documents, large redundancy plans personnel and infrastructure cost reductions are already in place. And this, moreover, even before Musk offers to buy Twitter, according to the Washington Post. The current management of Twitter was indeed planning to liquidate 25% staff by the end of the coming year. Still, Musk wanted a big change, the report revealed. The future leader very clearly aims to reduce the company’s 7,500 employees to a “skeleton staff” of around 2,000 people.

A serious conflict between Twitter and Musk: but why?

This dispute between Musk and Twitter began after the billionaire claims the network underestimated the number of bot and spam accounts on its platform. Subsequently, he attempted to withdraw from the purchase contract of the society. For his part, Twitter accused him of “conjuring up an excuse” in order to withdraw. Currently, this war is expected to go to court before Musk moves into a dramatic reversal. In particular, he tries to affirm the continuation of the agreement according to the initial conditions. Therefore, today, the billionaire has a funding to complete the purchase before the deadline which is held after a few days.

Decisions that will surely devastate the social network

Although the damage has not yet been done, it is clear that these layoffs will impact Twitter’s day-to-day operations. This is Tobias’ view, citing in particular the company’s ability to moderate content detrimental. And moreover, to fight against security issues. However, Musk said that as the owner of Twitter he would relax content moderation policies. Other than that, he also indicated pivoting the business to a subscription-based profit model.

Nevertheless, this news about the dismissal comes at a pretty hard time for Twitter. In fact, a few months ago, the company said it had already “significantly slowed down hiring”. And that, on top of that, amid a broader economic downturn in the tech industry.

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