Why did I order a Cybertruck?

For the past few weeks, new job offers have been published on the “Tesla Careers” site to staff the production lines of the Gigafactory Austin! The opportunity for us to give the floor to an Internet user who has reserved his Cybertruck and who is impatiently awaiting his delivery.

That’s why I pre-ordered a Cybertruck

Ok, so when I saw the Cybertruck (and I had no idea it was coming) I thought “Holy shit, this… thing… is… HUGE. » Then I saw that it was necessary to pay 200 € to put a reservation option, refundable at any time until delivery… So I immediately pre-ordered a tri-engine, DESPITE the fact that I could not not offer me one at the moment. Here is my logic:

  • It costs me nothing other than the notional interest I might earn on that €200 while waiting.
  • I may be able to afford it by the time they build them, in which case I’ll be glad to have that opportunity.
  • PRIORITY, my thesis is that public opinion will inevitably change by the time this vehicle is produced, and priority reservation will be a much sought after commodity. Now, I may not be able to sell my place in the queue, per se, but the ability to take delivery will certainly have its own inherent monetary value, one way or another, because they are unlikely to be produced in large quantities.
  • As for the last point, I think it’s likely that if the Cybertruck is built in the current configuration, it’s likely to be relatively rare, and ultimately very highly sought after. So if I can take delivery of it, I will take delivery of one of the most unique and impressive automobiles ever created, which seems like a very good investment.

For these reasons, it seemed like a no-brainer, even to me who can’t afford a $70,000 truck. Am I crazy?

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