Why Cannes restaurateurs are worried about winter and fear they may have to lay off staff

“Where are the delegates going to eat this winter?”

President of the UMIH Cannes, Alain Lahouti does not hide his concern. But wants to find solutions.

In a general assembly, the restaurateurs of the UMIH Cannes voted in favor of heated terraces this winter, which is now prohibited. Inaudible economically and ecologically, right?

Of course, we understand the environmental parameters induced by this decree of March 30, 2022 which prohibits the use of heating on the outdoor terrace. But the decree provides for an exemption: the use of heating in the event of a closed terrace.

However, in Cannes, municipal regulations prohibit us from closing to protect our customers on our terraces against winter weather…. We must also integrate operating parameters for our businesses.

That’s to say?

Cannes is a specific congress city. How will restaurateurs be able to ensure reservations three months in advance for several dozen delegates when on D-Day it will be raining or too cold for them to have lunch or dinner outside? This problem must be resolved pragmatically. I have a question: where will the delegates eat this winter?

What do you propose?

I am going to make a proposal to the town hall to set up temporary closed terraces, light structures that can be heated. This is what restaurateurs want. We are in exchange of views on this subject with the City.

Are marquees in front of restaurants a solution?

They pose several concerns: authorizations are required for their installation, they can only be temporary, they are not aesthetic, and since not all restaurants will be able to benefit from them, this will create inequality.

If nothing is done with regard to the terraces, what are the consequences?

The risk is that establishments switch to seasonality and close several months a year. Our companies will also have to question the maintenance of their workforce. In the current difficult hiring situation, the increase, then the decrease in the number of employees in order to respond to the temporary increase in activity during congresses, will be difficult or even impossible to put in place.


Yes. As we emerge from the health crisis, at a time when restaurateurs must repay their PGEs, they must be able to operate despite heavy regulations.


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