Who from Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos will achieve the greatest space feat?

Billionaires with egos as disproportionate as their projects, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos aspire to the same dream: to settle permanently in space. The story of their space conquest can be found in the new issue of “Le Monde en face”. “Musk vs Bezos, the new star wars” starts at 9 p.m. on Sunday on France 5.

This is clearly a new era for children. Me, I will certainly not have the opportunity to go into space, but one of my students could, my son could, my grandson. It is part of their future.

A witness to the launch of the Blue Origin rocket from Route 54 in Texas

Both already imagine themselves on the Moon, in an orbital station above the Earth or on their way to Mars. They have the means to achieve their ends, as their bank accounts are full of cash. Billionaires, they have knowingly invested in the reconquest of space. And their names are today inseparable from this new space adventure.

A dream come true

You always have to believe in your childhood dreams. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are proof of that. They aspired to reach for the stars, with pugnacity and undeniable luck in business, they succeeded.
By taking the time to recall their social ascent and their first steps in the space industry, the director Agnès Hubschman paints their portrait of men eager for success and recognition, ready to do anything to impose themselves in the closed and select club of aerospace. Who, in the space microcosm, would have bet on these two tech geniuses, millionaires at the age when future astronauts, engineers and researchers are still pursuing their studies? Almost no one. Their plans seemed whimsical, even irrational. Drawing on their personal funds, one has nevertheless erected SpaceX (whose Crew Dragon ships transport astronauts and supply the ISS), the other Blue Origin (whose New Shepard rocket offers paying manned flights of a few minutes above beyond the Karman line). Not only did they win their bet (with a clear advantage for Elon Musk, however Jeff Bezos did not say his last word), but they also reshuffled the cards of the space industry. Their flares are reusable. A feat that greatly reduces manufacturing costs and, by extension, use. Between an Ariane rocket destined to disappear once its mission has been carried out and a re-operational Falcon 9 after overhaul, which company would you entrust your satellites to if you had to place them in orbit?

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have given new meaning to our dreams of ultra-terrestrial conquests. If the planet were not in such bad shape, we could rejoice in this frantic race and this senseless duel between them to win the interstellar Grail. Yes, there is reason to remain amazed and, at the same time, one would be tempted to remind them that their reciprocal programs only address a minority of the population.

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are the two most ruthless and self-centered businessmen in the world today. And the fact that these two gladiator entrepreneurs fight and hate each other is going to be one of the most incredible stories to watch.

Brad Stone, biographer of Jeff Bezos


The guests of the debate

Olivier Lascareditor-in-chief of the digital division of Science and Future (to be published in June: Investigation of Elon Musk, the man who defies scienceAlisio editions)
Isabelle Sourbes-VergerCNRS researcher, geographer and space policy specialist
Hugo Lisoiryoutubeur (YouTube channel on space news) and co-author of 2040, all in space? (Alisio / Sciences editions)
Xavier Pasco,director of the Foundation for Strategic Research, space specialisthttps://twitter.com/JeffBezos/status/1451571655411523598?s=20&t=RtFC_2rjdcw5lup4KWabtw

“To decipher the consequences and the economic and geopolitical challenges of this new race for the stars, we interviewed key players in the space world. Direct witnesses of recent history, directors of Arianespace, researchers at Cnes, NASA administrators or astronauts like Thomas Pesquet. All explain to us how this new generation of passionate investors has shaken up the old world of the space industry and reshuffled the cards between nations. »
Agnès Hubschman, director, excerpt from her note of intent

Le Monde Opposite: Musk vs Bezos, the new star wars

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, the two richest men in the world, have the same dream: to conquer space. They want to send millions of men to live on Mars or in gigantic stations in orbit. A fad of billionaires? Not really… In twenty years, these ambitious, determined and somewhat megalomaniac entrepreneurs have managed to launch their own rockets, a feat hitherto reserved only for States. Under their impetus, a new space epic is being written, that of “New Space”, a new age which makes space a business, a gigantic ultra-competitive market.

Magazine – Presentation Melanie Taravant
Documentary (73 min – 2022 – unpublished) – Author and director Agnes Hubschman – Production Magneto Presswith the participation of France Televisionsfrom CNC and some Procirep

This documentary is broadcast on Sunday May 22 at 9 p.m. on France 5
The world in front : Musk vs Bezos, the new star wars can be seen and reviewed on france.tv

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