Which pasta with which sauce? Ricotta & Parmesan chef helps us take stock

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You will no longer have the right to make mistakes during your next visit to the kitchen.

It is well known that pasta is sacred to Italians! If we Belgians tend to combine pasta and sauces according to our desires without asking ourselves too many questions, in reality, these combinations are quite an art. In fact, we would never eat an American with anything but fries, the same goes for pasta. The chef of Ricotta & Parmesan, a well-known Italian restaurant in the center of Brussels, explains which sauce goes best with which type of pasta.

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Short hollow pasta

Rigatoni, penne, paccheri… all these types of pasta have the same particularity: the fact of being hollow. A definite advantage when you want a sauce with pieces. Indeed, the cavities of the pasta will allow the sauce, and what makes it up, to lodge in the pasta and therefore to balance the dough-sauce ratio with each bite. We prefer striped pasta, so that their “rough” surface allows the sauce to stick well.

Recommended sauces: carbonara, amatriciana or even melanzane & pomodori di collina.

Long pasta

Here, we distinguish two types of long pasta, thin and wide. The thin ones, such as spaghetti and capellini will go well with light sauces based on oil and cream, which will coat the pasta. Broad pastas, such as tagliatelle or pappardelle, like rich, thick sauces, such as stews.

Recommended sauces: for the thin ones, seafood sauce, aglio, olio & peperoncino or Al Freddo and white truffle cream. For the large ones, puttanesca sauce or al ragù.

Stuffed pasta

The stuffed pasta alone is quite generous and tasty. To accompany them, the chef therefore advises favoring a light and relatively neutral sauce, which will counterbalance the richness of the ravioli, tortellini or ravioli and enhance the taste of the stuffing.

This rule also applies to gnocchi, which are also quite dense and stuffy.

Recommended sauces: cream of tomatoes and mascarpone with pesto, All’alfredo, or simply a drizzle of olive oil.

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