Where Will Tesla’s Next Superchargers Be? Vote!

Tesla invites drivers to choose the location of future superchargers through a vote on its website!

Tesla offers the largest fast charging network in Europe. The brand has just crossed the symbolic bar of 10,000 superchargers on the Old Continent, distributed in nearly 900 stations. 1,500 are in France, in 125 stations.

To complete its network, Tesla is now appealing to drivers. The brand invites them to vote on a dedicated site to determine the location of the next superchargers, in different countries. This concerns France in particular. Eleven sites are currently in competition in France: Argenton sur Creuse, Aurillac, Belfort, Bergerac, Château-Chinon, Digoin, La Rochelle, Lesparre-Médoc, Mont-de-Marsan, Rocamadour, Saint-Dizier.

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Internet users can vote up to five times per session, as the vote will be renewed every three months. At the time of writing, Belfort, La Rochelle and Mont-de-Marsan are in the lead. To know the situation in this last city, without fast charging other than those in supermarkets, we feel that some drivers know where the holes are in the Tesla card! We imagine that the most popular stations will win a station in the coming months.

Drivers are also invited to suggest other locations not yet offered. These can then be retained by Tesla for the next round of votes.

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