When Elon Musk becomes political and disturbs

Until then perceived as a genius entrepreneur, Elon Musk has become in the space of two weeks a dangerous individual in the eyes of certain governments, in particular that of the United States. He is criticized for his closeness to the Republican Party, his conciliatory position towards Russia and China, as well as his penchant for ideas deemed conspiratorial.

For several years, Elon Musk had been considered a daring and visionary entrepreneur. We marveled at his grandiose projects, including Solar City, Tesla Motors and Space X. The first promises 100% green and cheaper solar energy to all of Humanity. The second prepares the sustainable transport of tomorrow with rechargeable electric cars. As for the third, Space X, it aims to realize an ultimate human dream: to colonize space. We could add the company Neuralink, whose objective is to create brain-computer interfaces to increase human capacities.

A genius inventor turned madman

While this latest initiative has been particularly criticized by activists for the questions it raises about bioethics, security and the use of data, it has not worried the governments of the most powerful states in the world. First of all the United States, which then saw in Elon Musk a brilliant inventor for the human species. But that was until recently, when the South African-born businessman made his Twitter buyout a reality. Since then, it is painted in a new light. He is now considered a dangerous billionaire. Proof of this is his belief in extraterrestrials.

The call to vote Republican goes badly

Actually, the problem with Mr. Musk is his policy for Twitter. Indeed, the wealthy entrepreneur wants to advocate (total) freedom of expression on the platform. An ambition that raises fears of excesses, in particular an explosion of “fake news”, racism and “conspiracy theories”. As a harbinger, we point to the fact that the leader wants to reactivate the account of Donald Trump, who encouraged the assault on the capitol in January 2021 and who federates conspiracy as well as the American far right.

Also, we denounce his friendship with Kayne West. The American rapper recently made anti-Semitic remarks after conspiratorial statements. Before that, Elon Musk had conciliatory positions towards Russia concerning its war against Ukraine, and China in the Taiwan file. But the straw that broke the camel’s back is certainly his call to vote Republican to balance power in the United States. This action has no more in the Democratic camp, while Silicon Valley has already called to vote for Joe Biden’s party.

Suspected of being under influence from abroad

Irritated by the positioning of Elon Musk, the White House is now supporting American justice to conduct an investigation into Elon Musk’s alleged financial and commercial links with China or Saudi Arabia. The latter country, in particular, reportedly paid the CEO of Tesla no less than $1.89 billion to help him acquire Twitter. Joe Biden thinks that the wealthy entrepreneur is under influence from abroad and could represent, as such, a threat to the security of the United States.

Fearing that Saudi Arabia has a stranglehold on the social network, and therefore access to personal data, Washington and Brussels are now working to control Elon Musk. If their response is legitimate, we can regret that it is only now that they measure the risk that a man richer than certain States and who interferes in world politics can represent. We hope at least that the public authorities will do everything to put safeguards in place to prevent a tech magnate from having all the decision-making powers in the future.

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