What we know the day after the ransacking of a restaurant on the sidelines of AJA – OM

The terrace of the Espacio Piscina bar-restaurant, located a stone’s throw from the Abbé-Deschamps stadium in Auxerre, was ransacked this Saturday, September 3, 2022. The facts happened on the sidelines of the AJA – OM meeting (0-2), counting for the sixth day of Ligue 1 Uber Eats. Here is chronologically what we know, the day after the events.

In the morningthe first Marseille coaches arrived in the capital of Icaun and OM supporters were already strolling around the stadium.

Around 12 p.m., the manager of the Espacio Piscina, Dimitri Quillin, was alerted by AJA supporters of a risk of clashes near his establishment. Which led him to call the police station, twice.

Around 1:15 p.m., the device of the internal security forces was in place. The mobile gendarmes were present at the entrance to the Abbé-Deschamps stadium and in front of the visitor parking lot, to welcome the groups of Marseille supporters. Police foot patrols would have passed near the Espacio Piscina bar-restaurant. Everything was quiet then.

At 14 hours, the terrace of the establishment on the banks of the Yonne was full with around 120 customers, including around thirty supporters of AJ Auxerre. “We were in full service”, recontextualizes the father of Dimitri Quillin, manager of the Bar des Stades, located not far away.

“Let’s go in urban guerrilla warfare”

Around 2:15 p.m., more than a hundred Marseille supporters, from the Bar des Stades, took Avenue Yver to go to the Espacio Piscina. “The police men (Posted at the intersection of Route de Vaux and Avenue Yver, Ed.) immediately reported it to us”, assures Jean-Michel Crinquand, police commander and head of the security service.

Then everything goes very quickly. “For several tens of minutes, we knew that they [les Marseillais] could come. Suddenly we were told “come inside, they’re coming!” We found ourselves confined in the restaurant then upstairs and outside, it went into urban guerrilla warfare”, reports an observer of the scene, restaurant customer. According to the testimonies collected, everything happens in ten, fifteen minutes at most.The thirty or so Auxerre supporters, who remained on the terrace, would have thrown everything that came to hand to repel the Marseillais: glasses, plates, “and even full jugs of water! We wondered when it was going to stop,” said the same witness.

premium “I have never seen such violence”: the Espacio Piscina terrace ransacked on the sidelines of the AJA-OM match

Around 2:30 p.m., the mobile gendarmes arrive on the spot. “There was a rapid intervention by the unit, which arrived from the stadium. But by the time they equipped themselves and arrived, it was too late,” explains the police commander. And to recall: “We received several calls to inform us of the worrying presence of Marseille supporters near other establishments, such as Mazagran or Paul-Bert, rue du Pont. But in the end, there was no incident…”

17 hours, the AJA-OM match kicked off. According to our information, there have been no other events of the same magnitude as those that occurred at the Espacio Piscina. And the clashes that occurred on the restaurant terrace did not result in “any hospitalization”, according to the firefighters. “There were eight rescue interventions in the stadium for heatstroke or discomfort,” said Marion Aoustin-Roth, chief of staff of the prefecture.

The next day, the technical and scientific police on site

Sunday morning, the technical and scientific police went to the Espacio Piscina. “An investigation is underway by the Auxerre police station,” confirms the deputy public prosecutor, Grégory Leroy. “The duty judicial police officer went to the site on Saturday afternoon, then the technical and scientific police took samples on Sunday morning.” The prosecution confirms that at this stage, “there has been no arrest” and that “a vagueness remains on the origin of the altercation, the number of people involved and their identity”. No complaint has reportedly been filed at this stage. Dimitri Quillin, the manager of the establishment, must file a complaint on Monday, September 5.

And now ? The restaurant, usually open on Sunday afternoons, is closed. It is not expected to reopen until Wednesday. “I lost my work tool. We have nothing left to work with (glasses, plates, carafes of water). There are only a few tables left on the terrace. My chef, my room manager and a waitress found themselves face to face with the people of Marseilles when they entered the kitchen. They are shocked.” The insurance experts are due to intervene at the start of the week. But the damage is already estimated at several thousand euros. “I only collected around €200 on the lunch service yesterday, because customers are left without paying after what happened. And I had to cancel the evening one, which was full. It already represents 8 to 10,000 €. And there are all the dishes to replace…”

Security. About 400 people were dedicated to the security of this match, including about 75 internal security forces (police and gendarmes). “The departmental directorate of public security (DDSP) had requested two units of mobile forces”, reveals the police commander Jean-Michel Crinquand, responsible for the service of order. “The prefecture supported this request. But at the level of the eastern defense zone, it was decided to send three quarters of a unit only.”

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