What ? Steve Jobs’ old Birkenstocks cost more than 5 Tesla?

This week, Steve Jobs’ favorite sandals sold for $218,750 at auction, or about 210,000 euros. For that price, you’d think they’re made of gold or have some secret NASA technology, but no. They are Birkenstocks. Classic model, very, very worn. Here is an overview:

Worn in the 1970s and 1980s, these Birks were worn almost every day by the founder of Apple. According to one of his ex-girlfriends, they were definitely part of his daily “uniform”, which explains the inlaid mark of the toes on the sandals. He wore them in his home in California, when he made Apple history alongside company co-founder Steve Wozniak. OK, Steve Jobs has achieved quite a bit in his life while wearing these shoes. But does this justify that they are now worth almost 210,000 euros, or about the price of 5 Tesla?

To give you an order of magnitude, this is what it would correspond to:

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Steve Jobs’ Birkenstocks 140 (new) MacBook Air

If we assume that the new MacBook Air (M2) costs around 1,500 euros (given that its minimum price is 1,490 euros), we could buy 140 MacBook Airs. So enough to replace all the computers at Konbini.

Steve Jobs’ Birkenstocks 700 AirPods Pro

Given that the second-generation Apple AirPods Pro cost $300 on the site, along with Steve Jobs’ pair of filthy sandals, you could buy around 700 AirPods Pro. Enough to give to all your neighbors, your family, your friends and why not your colleagues (if they are nice).

Steve Jobs’ Birkenstocks 73 horsepower (leisure)

If we assume that the average price of a leisure horse is 3,000 euros, Steve’s pair of Birks would correspond to around 73 horses! So you could actually make a stable out of it.

Steve Jobs’ Birkenstocks 7 motorboats

A motor boat in France costs, on average, 28,000 euros. So with Steve’s pair of sandals, you could buy almost 7.

Steve Jobs’ Birkenstocks 49,000 Big Macs

Finally, let’s take a much more accessible example. Knowing that the average price of a Big Mac in France is 4.30 euros, Steve’s pair of sandals would therefore allow you to buy 49,000, quite simply. Enough to feed an entire village.

So, are you breaking your PEL?

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