what if the future “small” Tesla looked like this?

The editorial staff of Auto Plus and its illustrator, Andreï Avarvarii, offer you a possible rendering of the future compact Tesla, scheduled for 2023. Often called Model 2, it could ultimately be called Tesla Model C.

Pioneer in automotive electrification, You’re here intends to keep its heavyweight position in the field. To diversify its range of vehicles, composed for the time being of the Model Sof the Model 3from Model X and Model Y (S3XY), the builder is about to go “small”.

This latest addition to the Tesla family could finally be called Model C, for “compact”, or Q. And not Model 2 as one could imagine. This future Model C should soon see the light of day in Shanghaiin the new Tesla Home Style Center.

Its launch is scheduled for 2023.

A design derived from the Model 3

Intended to fit just below the Model 3 in the Californian manufacturer’s range, the Tesla Model C should take on a few features. We find its very low grilleand the lines of the hood give it a slightly concave shape. The latter is nevertheless shorternecessarily, and more plunging than that of the Model 3.

Her luminous signature on the other hand, changes completely. Of the pleated and more elongated headlights on the sides could make an appearance on the Tesla Model C. They could be connected by a thin strip of light, delimiting the hood. The air intakes would also be located higher, just below the lights.

Visually, it bears its nickname of “little sister” of the Model 3, even if ultimately, it should still measure 4.40m long. It’s almost 30 cm less than the sedan launched more than 4 and a half years ago now.

An entry-level 250 hp

Motorization level, future customers should be able to choose between one or two electric motors, depending on the version. At the entry level, Tesla should offer a propulsion architecture, with an electromotor of about 250 hpplaced on the rear axle.

For the greediest, the versions “Dual Motor” would have an electric motor on each axle and all-wheel drive. All for power between 400 and 500 hp.

Panasonic’s new 4680 batteries

Partner since more than 10 years with the Californian manufacturer, the Japanese company Panasonic should deliver its 4680 batteries to equip this Tesla Model C. Named for the size of its batteries (46 mm x 80 mm), these batteries are less heavy, and cheaper to produce.

They are supposed to have with five times the capacity than its predecessors. A feature that should increase the autonomy of electric vehicles. Elon Musk spoke of autonomy 250 miles for its future model, either about 400 km.

What competition for the Tesla Model C?

On the market for compact sedanthe Tesla Model C will have to come and win in France against the new Renault Megane E-Techthe new Peugeot e-308 and the Volkswagen ID.3. If this Tesla does indeed offer a range of 400km, for a power of 250 hp at the entry level, technically, it should play a prominent role. Especially at such a price competitive.

According to our estimates, the Tesla Model C should be offered from €30,000. It’s €9,300 less than the Volkswagen ID.3, €800 more than the Renault Mégane E-Tech, and surely less expensive than the future Peugeot e-308.

Especially since she can enjoy from the eponymous supercharger networkeven though it is gradually opening up to competition.

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