what did the jurors see during the performance of Nouille, the virtual cat?

A candidate like no other appeared on Tuesday, November 1 before the jury of France has an unbelievable talent since it was a virtual cat named Nouille.

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It’s a strange bird who showed up this Tuesday, November 1 in the third episode of France has an unbelievable talent. Or rather a funny cat! While it has rather accustomed us to troupes of dancers, magicians’ tricks or even sports numbers, the program hosted by Karine Le Marchand has decided to innovate with the very first performance of a virtual candidate. “Hello, my name is Nouille. I am very proud to be the first cat to participate in the auditions. My incredible talent? I sing ! I hope my performance will capsize your hearts and make the jury purr with pleasure.“, announced the very first competitor of the evening, which one would think straight out of an animated film.

Nouille, the virtual cat ofAmazing talentsurprise everyone

The moment the audience was heard shouting “next“, so viewers saw the beast land on the stage, gliding under the spotlight.”They say cats only meow and I’m here to prove otherwise“, launched Nouille in front of Eric Antoine, Hélène Ségara, Marianne James and Sugar Sammy. The cat, before starting to sing, also reserved a surprise for the members of the jury with the presence of Bean, his best friend forever, sitting among the rows of the André Malraux theater where the auditions are filmed. And you can imagine, he too was virtual!

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A virtual chat in France has an unbelievable talentwhat does it look like in reality?

A few seconds later, the artist interpreted Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. “i love the eyes“, exclaimed Marianne James during her performance. Afterwards, Nouille did a few pirouettes, crashing on the stage, while continuing to sing. At the moment of the final note, the spectators rose, all like Eric Antoine and Sugar Sammy.”The voice was very beautiful, unquestionably, we all agreed. You sing live, we have entered the virtual era“, said Hélène Ségara. But how could the jurors see something? Asked by Tele-Leisure, the production of the show answers us. “They saw the image on the screen in the room and the candidate was right behind and sang in real time“, she says. But who is the person who was hiding behind this cat with the voice of an angel? The answer should be given in the coming weeks…

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