what are the Parisian cruises orchestrated by the two multi-starred chefs really worth?

Chefs Frédéric Anton and Alain Ducasse. Nicolas Seurot; Marie Line Sina; e. LE MITOUARD/PHOTOPQR/LE PARISIEN/MAXPPP

EXCLUSIVE – The two great rival cooks each offer gastronomic experiences on the Seine. Which is the best?

Every Parisian is a tourist of his own city who does not know himself. The proof: we yielded to the sirens of two restaurant ships cruising on the Seine, to play the extras in “The cruise tastes”. And answer the question that plagues the whole world: is it better on board the electric powered speedboat? Ducasse-sur-Seineor star diesel Don Juan II, of which Frédéric Anton (Pré Catelan, Jules Verne) supervises the galley? The contest is all the more exciting since the second has stolen the operation of the high-perched restaurant in the Eiffel Tower from the first, and we can easily imagine the shady Gascon dreaming of torpedoes for his floating rival.

We toast under the bridges, we jump from our chairs to photograph the Louvre, we appreciate – especially if, like Sally and John, we come from North Carolina – the miniature White House (the Chancellery of the Legion of Honor) and the Statue of Liberty in toy format. We scrutinize each other tenderly, the oaths are also awesome» in this…

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