What are siren eyes, the make-up trend that changes from the traditional cat’s eye?

This technique makes it possible to stretch the gaze and give it a bewitching charm like the song of a siren. We explain how to reproduce it at home.

After the kitten eyelinerthe retro Adèle-style eyeliner or the “fishtail” eyeliner, a new eye make-up trend is particularly talked about: the siren eyes, which could be translated as the “sirens’ eyes” make-up in French. This technique, which can be achieved through precise application of eyeshadow (and sometimes pencil or liquid eyeliner), lengthens the eye and gives the look a touch of almost magical mystery.

Very popular on social networks — especially on TikTok, where the hashtag #sireneyes has more than 618 million views to date — the trend siren eyes is not ready to take off. And for good reason: it suits everyone! We explain how to reproduce it at home.

How to reproduce the siren eyes trend?

Depending on the intensity you want to give to your make-upe siren eyesthe technique differs slightly, but in all cases, you will need a palette of neutral eye shadows, a few brushes to apply and blend the shadows, as well as a mascara.

Make a natural siren eyes makeup

For a very melted natural look that lengthens the eye, makeup artist Asta J. advises to unify your skin with your usual concealer, to set the product with a veil of powder, then to apply a brown make-up several shades darker than her complexion on the outer corner of the mobile eyelidstretching the color towards the temple.

In order to achieve a precise application and to obtain the famous lengthening effect of the siren eyesshe recommends using a map (but it also works with a piece of plaster or a sheet of paper).

Once the first shade is perfectly faded, the professional make-up artist recommends taking a second shade of browndarker than the previous one, and apply it flush with the upper lash line using the card, always stretching the material towards the hairline.

This step completed, she suggests applying the same dark brown in the inner corner of the eye, exaggerating the tip with a thin, angled brush. ” The goal is to recreate the lifting effect of the siren eyes “, she explains in a video that has already garnered more than 160,000 likes.

To perfect the look, she applies an iridescent beige eye shadow in the center of her mobile lid, as well as several coats of mascara.

Create a sophisticated siren eyes makeup

SIREN EYES TREND: The INFAILLIBLE technique from A to Z!

In order to get a makeup siren eyes more intense, the youtuber Marion Caméléon replace dark brown eyeshadow with black eyeshadow very pigmented, which she applies like an eyeliner, using a piece of plaster to obtain a very straight line. In order to obtain a smoky effect, she then blends the color with the help of a small brush. A more daring look, but which will make a small impression at the court of King Triton.

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