We explain why this famous pet store in Nice must close after 126 years of activity

This trade is not a bird of passage. “L’oisellerie nouvelle 2”, at 14 rue Defly in Nice, is 126 years old. Several generations of bird-catchers have succeeded each other happily, and yet, the sign must close. Definitively.

Philippe Demulier, 53, from the North, is there. In the middle of the cages where canaries, parakeets and other exotic species flutter, where mice and rats are java in their litter, where pigeons and doves coo at the bottom of the body, where dwarf rabbits nibble frantically on their seeds.

Birds and rodents are unaware of what is going on in this space that has become a nest of worries. They will probably find masters. The boss of the sign, he has his beak in the water.

“Whistleblowing”, inspection

A control of the departmental direction of the protection of the populations makes that Philippe Demulier will leave the feathers there. Sad end for this enthusiast who has been working among the winged bestiary or equipped with sharp teeth since 2005 and who bought the business from his boss in 2011.

The economic situation had been faltering since 2008-2009. But the bird trade survived. One of the last in Nice, while the city had a good ten of them a few years ago.

The coup de grace is this control carried out in July. “No doubt because of a denunciation claiming that the place was dirty, the animals badly fed, badly watered, badly maintained. Two inspectors came and saw that it was canards, but they nevertheless noted no – compliance with the regulations in force.

Redevelopment not possible

To be in the nails, Philippe Demulier must develop “a nursery for rodents. But also a treatment room, an isolation room – if an animal is suffering – a room for a freezer reserved for potential corpses, a room for a refrigerator and freezer for animal food. A storage room for food, another for storing boxes and another for litter”.

Problem: the birdcatcher cannot install all these equipments. “The size of the store does not allow it. The smallest local imposed is 5m, but I have 64 m of sales area. If I carry out the work that is required of me, there will only be 20 m of sales area left. In addition, rodents and birds must be separated and we must put barriers in front of the cages at 1 meter!”

Up for sale

And transfer some of the residents outside, in cages placed on the sidewalk? “Impossible, I have no right.”

So why not reduce the number of animals for sale? Miscalculation: “I make 50% of my turnover with animals and the other 50 with cages, accessories, etc.”

Rent another room? “In the neighborhood, it’s 1,000 euros in monthly rent. Unaffordable…”

Results: “I put the right to the lease up for sale.”

Once the animals have left for other homes and the equipment has been liquidated, “L’oisellerie nouvelle 2” will close its wings. For all time. The song of the Swan…


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