“Waste”, the day after International Awareness Day

International Food Loss and Waste Awareness Day is Thursday, September 29. A good opportunity to talk about it.

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According to the association Too good to go, waste has increased in two years from one third to 40%. Why and how do we waste so much? There are several reasons for this, according to Thierry Marx: “We produce badly, we don’t respect the processes, we are in hyperconsumption and therefore we end up consuming the planet.”

At the same time, this mess unfortunately does not benefit the most modest. In France, eight million people are on food aid. Cooks must also question themselves, by buying fewer processed products and using the maximum in the fresh products they work with.

10 million tons of food go to waste every year in our country. Europe throws away more food than it consumes. “We are not spoiled children, we are rotten children!” hammers Thierry Marx.

All this with a two-speed diet: those who can eat fresh, quality products, and those who can’t afford it and who eat poorly. The Garot law, launched in France in 2016, tends to fight against waste, but we must go even further.

Everyone must learn to better control what they buy and what they prepare, to become an “eater” again rather than a consumer. Finally, let’s add that waste produces 10% of CO2 emissions in the world. That’s almost as much as a country like China or the United States.

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