VIDEO – The incredible project of a restaurant without water or electricity

At Clariant, water is a rare and precious commodity. Even in the toilets: a jar of water to wash your hands, coconut shavings to filter the waste… And what about electricity? The photovoltaic panels supply the batteries, while the generator can rely on gas cylinders, just in case. A model not 100% ecological therefore, but which has the merit of asking good questions about the responsibility of restaurateurs in the fight against climate change. If the model is not completely eco-responsible, the main objective is to consume less.

And such a device requires elbow grease! “We are not only a cook, but also a lumberjack, an electrician… Because we have to find electricity where there is none, or little”, explains Jorel Achour in the kitchen, who knows a lot about food management. In this restaurant, you have to be ingenious in the choice of products used in the kitchen. The chef uses paste fuel, a way of maintaining his oil bath at a sustainable temperature. Eating at Clariant has to be earned. To get back to your car, half an hour below, we remind you, you will need to bring a torch, graciously provided by the restaurant. “Results accounts in support, we can show that it works”assures the owner of the restaurant.


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