VIDEO. The complete sequence of the great white shark filmed near the coast of Camargue

This Monday, September 12, off Port-Saint-Louis (Bouches-du-Rhône), boaters filmed a 5-meter great white shark. Here is the complete sequence that Midi Libre has obtained.

Extremely rare encounter. This Monday, September 12 in the morning, just 5 km (3 nautical miles) from Port-Saint-Louis at the mouth of the Rhône, the passengers of a tourist boat were able to observe a great white shark very closely, much more rare in the Mediterranean than its cousins ​​the blue shark or the mako.

A truly exceptional meeting, of which Midi Libre obtained all of the video captured by these boaters, and until then only broadcast in part.

For Nicolas Ziani, co-founder of the Marseille Group for the Study of Sharks (GPER) in which he holds the position of Scientific Manager, an observation of this type, so close to the Camargue coast, is “almost miraculous”. -he.

Do not panic

And the native of Montpellier details: “The last observation dates back to August 2012, near Saint-Tropez. To give you an idea, there are only about forty documented observations since the Middle Ages in the Gulf of Lion. !”

But the presence of this female of just over 5 meters, which belongs to the category of great white sharks of the Mediterranean, in the waters of Port-Saint-Louis is not due to chance. “If the shark is pregnant, it is likely that it was looking for food when it met the boaters, explains Nicolas Ziani again. The Camargue natural park is a protected area, therefore extremely rich in fish.”

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Do not panic, however, attacks remain in the Mediterranean even rarer than the chances of encountering a white shark near the coast: there are in fact only “52 attacks listed since the 15th century, including 41 which targeted a boat but not a man”, specifies the scientist.

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