VIDEO. Lorraine: he hits a horse with a shovel because the animal does not obey his orders

In Pont-à-Mousson, in Meurthe-et-Moselle, a horse that did not want to climb into a truck received several blows from a shovel.
In Pont-à-Mousson, in Meurthe-et-Moselle, a horse that did not want to climb into a truck received several blows from a shovel. (©DR)

Sunday, September 4, 2022 at Pont-a-Moussonin Meurthe et Mosellewas held the 89th edition of the great Saint-Martin unpacking.

As she strolls through the streets, Christelle Marquis notices that ponies, as well as horses, are present at the scene. Wishing to see them closer and caress them, she decides to approach.

But, very quickly, the beautiful day which was announced takes a completely different turn.

“If it doesn’t go up, we’ll make a giant barbecue out of it”

Arriving near the animals, Christelle witnesses a “terrible scene”. One of the horses present refuses to get into the truck, supposed to bring him back to the Bel Air equestrian center.

For more than half an hour, the people in charge of the animals tried to get the horse into the truck. They tried with straps, gave him some food, patted him a bit, tried to get him some momentum but nothing worked.

Christine MarquisWitness of the scene

There, the tension begins to rise and a man would have launched “if the horse does not go up, we will make a giant barbecue”, reports Christelle to Lorraine News.

The horse hit with a shovel

A few moments later, the man in charge of the animal decides to move away. “He indicated that there were too many people around the horse. But, since he had a shovel by hand and that he had already dealt small blows to the animal, I didn’t want to leave. I put myself aside while watching, ”says Christelle Marquis.

Once he got away, the man started hitting the horse with the shovel. By the time I arrived, the poor guy had already received many blows. A tourist started screaming, telling him to stop. The man then ordered him to “shut his mouth”. A woman, who was holding the horse, asked us what we were doing. So I said that I was filming because they were mistreating the animal and that I was going to show the video to the gendarmerie. There, she answered me: “It is not my horse”. Which is no reason!

Christine MarquisWitness of the scene

According to Christelle, the horse was hurt one of the front legs and the muzzle. “When you love animals, you don’t do that,” she laments.

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“All for the buzz”

Contacted by Lorraine News, the Bel Air equestrian centre, located in Pont-à-Mousson, defends itself: “We tried desperately to get the horse to ride to prevent him from returning ‘on foot’ but, because of the people who were around, he afraid. This never usually happens. »

We found ourselves faced with aggressive people who, I think, were against horseback riding. This horse, we love him and we just wanted him to avoid traveling 6 km to return to the center. Surely we shouldn’t have used that aluminum shovel to scare him into climbing into the truck. But it was the only solution. And if all those people watching would’ve tried to push the horse, he’d have ridden. Finally, he returned to the center “on foot”, after having traveled six kilometers on the road, between the cars. Well, we regret that.

Bel Air Equestrian Center

For the equestrian center, “the subject is now closed and there is no longer any question of showing up at the sale”. He also adds: “Social networks (the video was broadcast on Facebook in particular, editor’s note) allow perfect imbeciles to give themselves importance and create buzz”.

Negative reviews removed

Since the publication of Christelle’s video, many Internet users have left negative reviews on the Internet about the equestrian center.

Negative comments about the equestrian center have all been deleted.
Negative comments about the equestrian center have all been deleted. (©DR/ Montage Lorraine Actu)

In a hurry, the vast majority were removed and many rave reviews subsequently mysteriously surfaced within hours.

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