VIDEO. “Long live Putin!” facing two Ukrainians: the manager of the Parisian restaurant apologizes

A video of a few seconds sparked the ire of the Ukrainian community in France. On these images captured Monday, October 17, Alex, the manager of the brasserie Le Cozy Montparnasse, addresses the person who is filming and launches in English “I am French” and “Vive Poutine! “. Since this altercation, negative and positive google reviews have been posted by the thousands. Iwona, the manager’s wife, also claims to receive death threats.

The BFMTV site found the customers who filmed the sequence. It is about a mother and her daughter, Larissa and Melisa, two Ukrainian refugees. In the explanations they provide to the site, they claim that the waitress told them that “Ukrainians are not welcome in their establishment”.

A version denied by the manager of the premises who nevertheless wanted to apologize. Alex explains that the two people wanted to use the restroom for free. “We did everything we had to, he justifies himself. We came four times to take the order, they stayed more than 20 minutes, and they decided to leave on their own. When you come to me you have the right to be treated like everyone else but you don’t have the right to sit down without drinking. »

Find our video with the testimony of the manager and his wife at the top of the article.

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