VIDEO – Aude: when wild boars invite themselves to the restaurant

The event, to say the least unusual, took place on Wednesday, October 19 and was immortalized by residents.

“They are not afraid!”. Wednesday evening in the Ayguades district of Gruissan, a family of wild boar was seen around 7 p.m. The little pigs strolling in front of a restaurant at the level of the cycle path.

The scene was immortalized by a surfer with animals that did not seem to be bothered by the human presence.

Posted on social networks, the video had its small success with many shares and hundreds of comments from people moved by this sudden closeness.

There are no more grapes, they come directly to the restaurant

“How cute they are”; “they are so adorable, as long as the little ones don’t get hit by a car” ; “and yes, there are no more grapes, they come directly to the restaurant!” could we read on social networks a few hours after the publication of this video. So much solidarity and love shared at the disarming vision of little wild boars playing and heckling with their mother and displaying a disconcerting closeness to the human world. An experience that visibly touched all hearts.

It should be noted that it is not uncommon to observe wild boars in this sector in an area in the heart of the Narbonnaise regional natural park in the Mediterranean.

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