VIDEO. Accident in the XIIIth arr. in Paris: a video shows the Tesla rushing at high speed just before the crash

A car driven at full speed. This is shown by a video taken moments before the fatal accident of December 11 involving a Tesla, in the XIIIth arrondissement of Paris. Technical failure of the Tesla or driving fault? This is to be determined by the judicial investigation opened by the Paris prosecutor’s office.

On December 11, 2021, an off-duty taxi driver was traveling in the 13th arrondissement of Paris in his Tesla, with his wife and daughters, when he lost control of his vehicle. The taxi hit two pedestrians, then a glass container which, under the shock caused by the speed, was thrown in the air and exploded on the ground. The vehicle then hit a traffic light, which was also thrown into the air. He ended up in a van driving in the middle of the intersection, according to a police source’s account.

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