Unusual in Luxembourg: A bill of 1,460 euros for a single fast-food menu

Sure, it must be funny. Going to fast food, alone, ordering a menu and being charged 1,460 euros after checkout! This is the misadventure that happened to Rachel, Monday noon, when she had opted for the drive of a sign in Remich. “At the time of the order, I am told 14.60 euros”, explains the young woman to The essential. So far so good and it’s when it’s time to pay, at the next window, that things get complicated.

“I see the employee typing the amount on the TPE and it was hard to see with the sun. When she handed it to me, the machine was too far away for me to check,” says Rachel, who lives in Mondorf-les-Bains. It doesn’t matter, like many, she puts down her bank card to pay without contact. “It was long, it was weird, then the TPE asked me to enter my card code,” continues the customer. Payment accepted, guaranteed surprise. “The cashier snatched the ticket then she rolled her eyes and let go ”I made a dumpling””, continues Rachel, finally amused.

Result, a comma less on the TPE and an invoice for 1,460 euros, immediately debited from his bank account. “I checked right away.” A restaurant manager arrived and guaranteed the customer a refund directly with the imprint of her card, within a few hours when the accounting checks will be carried out. “I was told to keep the receipt well. It’s best just to laugh”. A saltier bill than the fries and a nice story to tell.

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