Tzatziki, the refreshing cucumber yoghurt

Among the Greek specialties that we enjoy in summer, the tzatziki occupies a place of choice. This yoghurt with cucumber and mint is appreciated for its freshness. It is generally eaten as an aperitif or as a starter.

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LThe culinary trend is for Greek cuisine this summer! Gone are the Japanese, Lebanese or even Italian dishes, make way for moussakas, souvlakis, stuffed vine leaves, taramasalata and other essential mezes of Greek gastronomy. Given the particularly hot temperatures this year, perhaps you will be tempted by the traditional tzatziki? As creamy as it is refreshing, this Greek specialty has the merit of being prepared in record time, with a handful of ingredients. And yogurt is the key element. “To make a tzatziki, we choose plain or Greek yogurt, not to be confused with cottage cheese, and preferably organic. The goal is to obtain a creamy texture without it being too liquid, which is why it is preferable to drain the yogurt beforehand,” advises Constantin Erinkoglou, a native of northern Greece and chef-owner of the restaurant. Notos” in Brussels.

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