Two monitor lizards fight in the middle of a street and block traffic

A veritable turf war broke out on a street in Thailand this Saturday. But no deaths were recorded and no humans were involved in the conflict, which actually opposed… two monitor lizards, reports The Parisian.

The two reptiles, a good meter long each, faced each other in the middle of the road, to defend their respective territories. Standing face to face, the monitor lizards were like entwined in a long hug. The video, widely relayed on social networks, has been viewed tens of thousands of times.

Traffic blocked for half an hour

“I first thought they were friends, then someone told me that in fact they were fighting,” said a motorist who witnessed the scene, quoted by The Parisian. Indeed, during fights the monitor lizards confront each other standing and embrace each other like wrestlers in order to bring down their opponent.

This Saturday, the two reptiles interrupted traffic in the street where they were for thirty minutes. They eventually fled with no way out in combat. Monitor lizards have been swarming for several years in Thailand. They have become, especially in some cities like Bangkok, a real public safety problem.

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