two Guillotière restaurants closed for major hygiene problems

The departmental directorate for the protection of populations carried out a dragnet this Wednesday evening in the 7th arrondissement of Lyon.

In the Guillotière district, two “Chicken Palace” signs were notably inspected by the hygiene services. According to Radio Scoop, one of the establishments located on Place Gabriel-Péri was filthy from floor to ceiling. Waste was stored on the ground, rat droppings were also discovered.

In the other restaurant, the kitchen utensils were as dirty as possible. Also in the kitchens of this establishment, an unprecedented discovery was made in an oven: pairs of shoes stored. Worse, and while the restaurant specializes in fried chicken, there was no cooker hood!

Fines of 2000 euros were distributed to the two owners. A refurbishment will have to be carried out by the latter before being able to reopen.



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