Troyes: At the Birds of Passage, Gwen succeeds Jill

Gwendoline Borres, alias Gwen, 30, took over the restaurant opened by Jill Teboul in 2013 and installed since 2016 in Mail des Charmilles.

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After Jill, Gwen. Created nine years ago, Aux Oiseaux de Passage continues its flight. Jill Teboul opened this restaurant in 2013 in the Cours du Mortier-d’Or, in Troyes. The spirit that floated there was rather new (canteen at free price one evening a week, workshops for ” create social connection »…). Then the young woman had moved to a large house in the Mail des Charmilles (at 22 bis), keeping the sign. Until last June, Gwendoline Borres took over with a fairly similar state of mind.

Initially, I was a cook. For several years, I did the seasons in France and in the DOM-TOMs. I came back to Troyes at the time of the Covid. In May 2021, I was hired at the “Oiseaux” as a waitress. But since childhood, I dream of having my own restaurant. So when the opportunity presented itself, I did not hesitate and took over the establishment. says Gwen, 30.

Langres roast and vegetarian dishes

At Les Oiseaux de Passage, it’s forty covers inside and 60 under the pergola. In the courtyard, she added a small stage to accommodate groups and shade sails. ” We had a great summer. There were people all the time she smiles, indicating that she has hired three servers for the season (the rest of the year, she will provide the service herself).

In the kitchen officiate Éric, the chef, and Maxime, pastry chef. ” We work with fresh, local and seasonal products in an ecological and zero waste approach “, points out Gwen, who adds:” The menu changes every week. “Card with” three starters, five main courses (including at least one meat, one fish and one roast cheese) and five desserts “. ” Important clientele », Vegetarians and vegans are pampered, she says.

Among other dishes, let’s mention the homemade marinated salmon salad, the roasted Langres with its potatoes (which like a lot “) and cannelloni (“ without egg “) with eggplant caviar.

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