Toulouse: the car forces the window, the restaurant catches fire

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The Makao restaurant, north of Toulouse, caught fire shortly before 4 a.m. overnight from Thursday to Friday. A car had just broken into the window.

A pile of smoldering ashes. There was nothing left this Friday morning of the Asian restaurant Makao located in rue Ernest-Renan, at the confluence of the Izards district and the Borderouge district in Toulouse.
The firefighters were alerted shortly before 4 a.m., on the night of Thursday to Friday, for a fire which had just broken out in the restaurant.

On site, they found that the establishment was ablaze and that the fire was beginning to spread to a fitness room above. Three lances were deployed and twenty-three firefighters worked to put out the blaze.

The police secured the area. Just before the fire, a car drove into the window of the establishment causing the disaster. When the blaze went out, no one was in the vehicle. At this late hour of the night, the employees of the establishments concerned were absent. There are therefore no casualties to report.

Voluntary or not?

Immediately after the crash, a man was seen leaving the scene, his pants on fire. So what happened? Did the driver of this Peugeot 206 voluntarily break into the window of the establishment to commit a criminal act? Is it a loss of driver control? Why did this man run away?

An investigation was opened and entrusted to the property damage unit of the departmental security. Experts from the technical and scientific police carried out surveys and samples on the spot. Investigators will now work to trace the driver of the car. A job in which the exploitation of images from CCTV cameras should be of great use.

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