Toulouse. Decoration, cuisine… Three sisters open a restaurant-tea room with influences from Cadaques

Claire, Albane and Maud Espezel, the three managing sisters.
Claire, Albane and Maud Espezel, the three managing sisters. (©Actu Toulouse/Anthony Assémat)

Mediterranean Sea or Atlantic Ocean (or both…), each Toulouse resident undoubtedly has their own holiday memories, such as Proust’s madeleine or the uncontrollable Pavlovian reflex when it comes to defining their summer rest destination. For Albane, Maud and Claire Espezel, the stars land in their eyes when we talk about the resort of Cadaques (Spain), in Catalonia, not far from Perpignan and the French border. Plenty of sand, magical walks, a breathtaking landscape: Cadaquès is their family landmark, full-throttle escape, clean air on all floors.

“Saintes-Scarbes, one of the most beautiful squares in Toulouse”

After leaving their respective jobs – “desk work that didn’t motivate us”, they say – the three young people from Toulouse, all three trained in commerce, decided to start their own business and pool their strengths. The result ? Since June 2022, they have opened a restaurant which also serves as a tea room on Place Saintes-Scarbes, behind the prefecture. “It’s one of the most beautiful squares in Toulouse,” they enthuse in unison.

The Three Sisters instead of Cozy Caffe

With a predisposed name, The Three Sisters, and a 100% Cadaques spirit, faithful to their image and their memories. The photos that adorn the walls, the chic and sober decor reminiscent of the local fishermen’s huts, with its dried yellow flowers on the tables and driftwood picked up on site, customized and installed in suspension… The three dynamic young women have put all their energy in this address, which replaces the restaurant “Cosy Caffe” in the neighborhood.

Continuous opening

At Les Trois Soeurs, it’s a non-stop day. You can have breakfast before going to the office, eat lunch (with a menu of salads, soups and sandwiches and a main course + dessert at 16.50 euros), and come in tea room mode for tea until 7 p.m. “People in the neighborhood told us that they were happy to have a café open in the morning, in particular. We have had good feedback so far,” says Albane.

The menu changes regularly and hot dishes should arrive quickly.

The three sisters, in character and function, complement each other perfectly. Albania? She manages the room and the service. Clear ? She’s posted behind the bar. Maude? His specialty is the preparation of good meals. “With us, everything is homemade and we only work with fresh products,” she says.

A brunch every Sunday

Among the specialties currently being tested, the crumblette salad (goat cheese/tomato parmesan crumble), Flower Avocado toast… and Cadaques toastof course, made with tuna, crab, shallots, apples and grated egg.

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The place offers brunches every Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., with a price varying from 15 to 23.50 euros.

Boosted by their entourage, now “fulfilled” in this matured project during confinement, the three sisters Albane, Maud and Claire have not finished putting old Toulouse in the colors of Cadaquès.

The Three Sisters. 10, place Saintes-Scarbes, in Toulouse.
Tuesday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Reservation on 07 56 87 70 02 or by email at [email protected]

The restaurant-tea room can also be found on Instagram.


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