TORCY: A mastiff attacked a small dog and a woman was injured

The facts occurred on Saturday at the end of the day.

The attack on a small dog by a mastiff on Saturday at the Parc de la Verrerie (read our article) aroused many emotions. Our article has also led a loyal Internet user to report other similar events, which occurred on Saturday afternoon in Torcy. Facts confirmed by Police Commander Fabien Gallet.
“A molosser-type dog held on a leash by a person in a wheelchair attacked a small dog. He pulled hard on the leash to go and attack this little dog and this person let go of the hound’s leash. The mastiff bit the little dog without letting go… It was a very courageous passer-by who came to the rescue of the little dog. It could have been very serious if it was a child who had been attacked. This is still very serious because the person who was walking his little dog fell. She was bleeding and she was taken to hospital by firefighters. Let’s hope it’s not too serious for her.”wrote us a faithful of creusot-infos.

She specifies that “in the building where the owner of the molosser lives, the tenants are afraid of “this dog which is impressive”.
Commander Gallet, who confirmed what happened in Torcy, is categorical: Molossoids must have a muzzle. It also specifies that controls will take place in this direction and that the infringements will be verbalized.


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