Top 20 Funniest Restaurant Tweets It’s Good But It’s Expensive

As with cinema, which has lost popularity to streaming in recent years, restaurants attract less than in the past: today, many prefer order and be delivered to them than to go there. But the “restaurant“remains a safe bet despite everything, a friendly place that can also accommodate dinners romantic than meal family, or outings with friends. In short, an essential place and a source ofanecdotes of all kinds, as you will see with this selection of 20 tweets most funny on the restaurants !


The chicks at the restaurant in their story they like to do that too much

February 22, 2020


There’s a guy in my snapper he snapper in a restaurant that looks good, so I ask him for the address and he says to me “it’s better we pick up I show you Psq it’s difficult to indicate » technique

October 19, 2019


At the restaurant when I see that people who arrived after me are served before

September 8, 2020


JustEat delivered a pizza to me in addition to the one I ordered, mistake or not, I’ve already started it. There the restaurant is calling me a lot but I can’t pick up my fingers are too oily

November 15, 2019


Once I asked a girl what was the restaurant name of the restaurant she posted in her story.
She told me “the vlog is coming out this week stay tuned!”

December 3, 2021


He asked me for pancakes I told him “you think I’m the restaurant of my heart” he replied “no you’re the restaurant of my heart” no but LOL short for 1 egg that’s 100g of flour is that?

June 20, 2021


There’s a guy he broke up with his girlfriend in a restaurant, she started crying, people thought he had just proposed to her and they started to applaud mdrrr

March 13, 2018


If I had known at the beginning of March that was the last time I went to a restaurant, I would have had dessert

April 13, 2020


– “Oh restaurant? sorry I’m not vaccinated, we can go for a walk stv »

July 12, 2021


I’m in a restaurant in Venice I asked the waiter if they had oreo or suede taste for their tiramisu he called his colleague they had their best giggles, I want to go back to paris

September 21, 2020


Family lunch (all are >50 years old except me) in a mountain restaurant and NO ONE makes a comment about my nail polish when I had prepared lots of replicas jpp they really want me to piss me off

September 17, 2022


There are couples who wake up to spend Sunday together filled with love around a good breakfast tray a good netflix program and you have me who woke up because customers are waiting to be served in my restaurant in cooking mama brothel what a worker

September 16, 2018


Those who don’t have the networks, they miss it, they have to say to themselves “mashallah, this restaurant works well” lol

May 31, 2021


whether you’re on the right or the left, I think we should all beat a common enemy: restaurants that make 20€ burgers because they stick a spike in them and present it on a slate plate

November 9, 2021


I’m at the restaurant there, I told the person who eats with me that I could never have eaten all that he ate, even in an entire day. He told me “add that in addition I devoured you with my gaze” gold floppy disk a little nah?

July 24, 2020


We see the whole world in restaurants, in the evening, in bars. And we are here running at 5:35 p.m. to buy a pepper and some milk. Until when Lord?

March 7, 2021



September 23, 2020


There is an American who complains that all the restaurants in Paris are closed after midnight on the night of Sunday to Monday, all the French in comments are in mode “YES WE HAVE A LABOR CODE LET PEOPLE REST SEE PASTA” and I think it’s beautiful

November 16, 2021


Ptdrrr but who are these people who go to eat in restaurants where you see cameras with Philippe Etchebest?? In mode it’s not a red flag

September 23, 2021


My boyfriend yesterday who told me in the middle of the night “I don’t want to eat octopus at the restaurant” I answered him “baby we’re in bed we’re sleeping there” he said to me “ah yeah? Hot anyway” and he went back to sleep

April 30, 2021

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