too aggressive, the Gabians soon dislodged from the top of a residential tower

Protected birds, gabians disturb the inhabitants of the Mirabeau II tower in Marseille. The City has given its authorization to dislodge them.

The Gabians will soon have to find another roof if they want to settle in Marseille. These protected birds will soon be chased from the top of the Mirabeau II tower in Arenc, where they have been living for several weeks.

“Particularly aggressive”

The city of Marseille gave its agreement, during its last city council on Friday, for the Department of Bouches-du-Rhône, owner of the building, to act to drive them out.

Since January 2021, several methods have been used in Marseille to limit the nuisance of Gabians such as sound scaring or the destruction of nests.

“The animal, which nests on the roof, is particularly aggressive and prevents maintenance operations on technical equipment, in particular air-cooling towers”, underlines the City of Marseille in its deliberation.

This decision is “legitimate because it creates damage and nuisance”, underlines a resident of the district at the microphone of BFM Marseille Provence. Another resident regrets this measure: “We must leave the animals where they are. Gabians are part of our home, why hunt them?”

Disputed method

The League for the Protection of Birds also offers another solution to avoid the destruction of nests: move the young Gabians to a less problematic area and located within a radius of a hundred meters. The adults will then follow this new nest.

Questioned by BFM Marseille Provence, the Department of Bouches-du-Rhône announces that the intervention to dislodge the Gabians will not be done “immediately”. The subject still needs to be brought up in future service meetings to determine the method to be used.

Manon Mugica with Amaury Tremblay

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