To make up for the absence of his favorite human, this cat loves to listen to his voice! (Video)

This cat loves to listen to her master talking to her through the surveillance camera when he is at work.

Who said that cats can’t wait for their owner to go to work to have the house all to themselves? This is probably true for many of them, but not for Darla ! Since his dad, Danworks outside, misses him a lot.

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Ever since Dan found a new job, Darla has been feeling lonely.

Previously, Dan was always at home, with her pussy Darlaas related Daily Paws. One day he got a job out of town. He had to resolve to see his dear less Darla, but he found a very good substitute. Thanks to a surveillance camera pointed at the cat tree, Dan can watch his animal regularly during the day. He can also talk to him, and it does the feline so much good. only to its owner.


I cried making this. She sits there every night waiting for her messages from her dad ???? #catdad #catlover #catsoftiktok #wholesome @danielphillips504

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Darla rushes to her cat tree to hear her daddy better

The owners of the feline shared a video on TikTok. Dan is at work, and his wife is filming in the house. Dan starts talking through the camera. The mother of Darla then said “Who is it ? Is it dad?”. At these words, we distinctly see the cat running and jumping on its perch. She stands in front of the camera, and listens to her father speak. This one says “Hi baby. Hi ! Yeah, I see you. I miss you Darla. My sweet little girl. I love you so much. I miss you and I will be home soon. OK ?


Reply to @alieshadawn Okay so he’s not home but I did get a message for y’all ???? #catdad #catsoftiktok #wholesome #wyzecam #longdistancerelationship

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Throughout his monologue, Darla is very attentive. His eyes almost never leave the camera. The bond and the love between the dad and his cat are obvious and very touching. Before “hanging up”, Dan concludes by saying “I will always come home with you; I love you so.

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