Three years suspended for killing a dog with a knife and injuring its master

It is a particularly violent neighborhood conflict which was examined Friday before the criminal court of Saint-Brieuc (Côtes-d’Armor). A 58-year-old man was on trial for killing a neighbour’s dog with nine stab wounds and seriously injuring the latter in the lower back and right hand; reports West France.

The facts took place on August 1 in the town of Pordic. At the end of the afternoon, a quarrel had broken out between the two men. The accused then pulled out a knife and stabbed the dog several times in the head. Its owner was then injured when trying to intervene to protect the animal.

Permanent ban on owning an animal

Suffering from severe paranoid disorders, the accused was found guilty of his actions but not entirely, specifies the daily. The court sentenced him to three years in prison, including eighteen months with a probationary suspension of two years.

At the half of the firm part of his sentence, he can ask for an arrangement which can be carried out in a psychiatric hospital. He is also permanently prohibited from owning an animal.

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