this study proves that the quality is not there at the manufacturer

According to a study published by JD Power reveals that Tesla cars have experienced a significant increase in technical problems in addition to last year. The ratio does not work in favor of the manufacturer: for 100 vehicles, there are 266 reports. In reality, the entire automotive sector is affected by the phenomenon, a direct consequence of the shortage of components.

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Tesla is at the center of an astonishing paradox: while the brand is (among other things) known for the sometimes dubious builder quality of its vehicles, it manages to rise to the top of the most popular car manufacturers on the planet. Of course, many parameters come into play in this result, if only the pioneering position that Tesla occupies within the industry. However, his reputation often catches up with the firm. The latest study by JD Power is particularly instructive.

According to the institute, the manufacturer has one of the highest scores for technical problems in the sector. Thus, for 100 vehicles, there are no less than 266 problems and other bugs. The firm ranks 26th out of the 33 brands analyzed by JD Power. Nevertheless, it is worth pointing out that the sector as a whole shows an overall decline in vehicles delivered. According to the organization, the number of reports from motorists has increased by 11% in just one year.

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Tesla and Other Manufacturers Deliver Lower Quality Cars

JD Power thus underlines that complaints from motorists are more frequent when one goes upmarket. This observation is in itself predictable: in addition to a higher level of expectation on the part of the driver, premium vehicles are also equipped with more electronic equipment, consequently increasing the risk of malfunction. However, while the shortage of components is in full swing, manufacturers have had to make concessions to keep sales afloat.

Although a problem with the engine of Model Y has recently been talked about, it is the software problems that are the most frequent. The most frequent are also related to the infotainment system: alone, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay collected 5.8% of reports. The other bugs mentioned are at the level of voice recognition, touch screens, Bluteooth or even USB ports. JD Power also notes an increase in complaints about driving assistants.

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Credits: JD Power

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