This restaurateur from Toulon wants to create a “tacit union of enthusiasts”

To celebrate its reopening after several months of work, the restaurant on the port of Toulon is banking on events. In this case, he decided to invite chefs from other restaurants to cook, every week for a month.

Four professionals from four different establishments take turns offering a signature starter, main course and dessert. Last week, it was Nicolas Maier, from Quai zero 2, who stuck to it.

This week, Romain Janin, from Bouchon (Ollioules), officiates. Then it will be the turn of Christophe Ribeyron (La Plage) before completing the operation with Mathias Grand (L’Escale).

“Federate restaurants somewhere”

“For these special evenings, we still keep the Saint-Gabriel menu, specifies Nicolas Lang, who runs the establishment with Jérémy Tavera. Our goal, beyond creating an event, is to unite restaurants somewhere. Create a tacit union of enthusiasts.”

The idea is also to introduce customers to other styles of cooking, other flavors. “These are horizons that meet. This inevitably brings a new offer and gives – why not? – an opportunity to come to us.”

Delighted with the result of the operation after a week of launch, the boss of Saint-Gabriel is already considering renewing the idea with other guest chefs.


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