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In Singapore, a restaurant has introduced a tax of around €7 for families whose children disturb other customers. A decision taken following numerous complaints and which aims to ensure “a pleasant gastronomic experience” for all. This new regulation of the establishment has been widely criticized on social networks.

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Being in a restaurant, and seeing your plate almost fall to the ground, because of a child who jostles the tables, running at top speed and screaming… In Singapore, in Southeast Asia, the oyster restaurant Angie’s Oyster Bar and Grill does not want to see any more scenes like this. In August 2022, the establishment introduced a surcharge on the bill of 10 Singapore dollars, or €7.16, for customers whose children were too noisy or fidgety.

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It all started with a message sent by a couple, asking the restaurant if they had a baby chair, reports the online media Konbini. To which the staff replied that they didn’t, because Angie’s was not a child friendly establishment. “All children are welcome to dine at Angie’s though,” added the restaurant, but specifying that “uncontrolled shouting/children disturbing other patrons would not be tolerated”. The restaurant then implemented its new rules and surcharge, explaining that it received complaints every week about the behavior of certain children…

A growing number of complaints

“Over the past few months, we have received an increasing number of complaints of children running around unsupervised or disturbing other tables during service…Due to these experiences, we felt we had no other choice than to impose a sanction to prevent these unfortunate situations”, justified the restaurant to the Singaporean television channel CNA .

In addition to being “disrespectful to customers wishing to dine in a quiet and comfortable atmosphere”this kind of situation is ” dangerous “ since the servers often move “with hot food and sharp cutlery”argued the restaurant.

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This new regulation with a surcharge is, for managers, a way of not totally “prohibit access to children” while making “the enjoyable dining experience for everyone”. “We honestly think this approach is a win-win for everyone,” the restaurant told CNA.

However, this new tax is not unanimous and has sparked controversy on social networks. Some welcomed the news with enthusiasm and welcomed this initiative “brave”. Many have also announced their intention to come and test this restaurant following the introduction of this surcharge. Maybe he’ll even win some customers…

Accused of a lack of “inclusiveness”

In contrast, the news sparked outrage among others… “Parents with kids who are already struggling don’t need you to give them extra punishment,” retorted a woman on the social network Facebook. Another netizen lamented “Discrimination against families with children but also against families with children with special needs”castigating the lack “inclusivity” of the establishment, reports the magazine GEO.

The restaurant also posted on Facebook on September 26 a message of thanks to “everyone who supported him”saying however that they have “awareness of having raised a few hairs with [son] radical approach.

The restaurant told CNA on September 21 that it had not yet imposed a surcharge on customers for misbehaving their children. But the restaurant notes that, since the introduction of this tax, it has received fewer complaints… And that parents who come to dine with the family are a little more vigilant and make more efforts to ensure that their offspring do not disturb not other customers. Something to give ideas to other restaurateurs…

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