This Puppy Abandoned For 3 Months Has Mastered The Art Of Asking Neighbors For Food, And Has Finally Been Offered A Loving Home

This poor little dog was abandoned by his owners when they moved, leaving him to his sad fate on the streets. He used to go and ask neighborhood residents for food and one of them decided to help him by contacting an animal protection association.

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Stuart Littlea stray puppy from Los Angeles to United States, knew how to melt the hearts of the inhabitants of his district. The tiny canine, which weighed just over 2 kilograms, was cowardly abandoned by its masters. They left him on the street as they moved into a new house.

The poor beast then managed alone for almost 3 months.

Stuart Little indeed approached people and looked at them with plaintive eyes until they gave him what he needed so much: food.

One day, the young canine knocked on the door of a municipal policeman. This would definitely change his life.

New start

The individual fell in love with the little dog. He therefore opened the doors of his house to her for the time to contact Suzette Hallthe founder of the local animal protection association Logan’s Legacy Rescue.

The latter hastily moved to put Stuart Little in safe place. “He was exhausted. When I got him in the car he climbed on the center console, crawled on my lap and then fell asleep”explained the young woman to The Dodo.

The check-up visit to the vet revealed that he was extremely emaciated and was enduring flea infestation, but had no illnesses.

So he was given an antiparasitic bath and prescribed a nutrient-dense diet.

Suzette told Stuart Little to a loving foster family so that he can develop fully while learning to become a perfectly domesticated dog.

The doggie quickly regains strength thanks to the good meals prepared by his benefactress and delights in this new warm environment.

Struart Little is already available for adoption and is therefore waiting to start its life with caring masters.

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