this new feature that will make charging easier

With its latest update, the American brand now includes an estimate of waiting times for superchargers. A feature that should make life easier for users and relieve the most congested stations.

Like a smartphone, a Tesla is able to evolve with its updates. Deployed at regular intervals and directly downloadable by the user, these can improve performance and/or add new functionalities. Deployed for a few days, the 2022.16.0.2 update brings a series of very interesting improvements.

The estimated wait time at superchargers

As the major summer holidays approach, Tesla continues to improve the level of information to superchargers. While it already displays the occupancy rate of its stations, the manufacturer adds an estimate of the waiting time. Important information for the user as Tesla prepares to gradually open its network to all electric cars on the market. It is also for the builder himself.

By indicating waiting times in advance, Tesla intends to relieve the most congested stations by inviting users to postpone their recharging or to move to another station. At the level of the navigation screen, users will indeed be able to choose whether they wish to wait the time indicated or modify their route.

More accurate energy calculations

Beyond the waiting time, Tesla has deployed other particularly interesting features. Among them is an optimization of the consumption forecasting system. When a destination is entered on the navigation tool, the software now takes into account various weather-related parameters: wind direction, humidity and ambient temperature. What refine the calculations and lead to estimates much closer to reality.

The regenerative brake has also been improved. While this is less efficient when the battery is full, Tesla now offers an option ” Use brakes when regenerative braking is limited allowing it to be supplemented by mechanical braking. One way to ensure constant operation of the system, regardless of the battery charge level.

The driver profile has been enriched with new information. The accounts of the various multimedia services (Spotify, Netflix, etc.) are thus directly registered and associated with the profile of each driver.

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